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Handrail Brackets


Made from stainless steel (grade 304) and comes with a satin finish cover plate to hide wall fixings.  Designed to be welded to the handrail.  For bulk purchases, please call for pricing and delivery details.  Also available in marine grade stainless steel – call us for details.




The FlueCube is a the next generation in flue cowls. Greatly reduces downdrafts and looks great on any home.

The FlueCube is an anti-draft, stainless-steel cowl. Installing a FlueCube as a replacement to a traditional flue cowl has proven to significantly reduce external smoke emissions and downdrafts back into the home, while also reducing fuel consumption as burning efficiency is increased. FlueCube is available in two sizes, or can be made-to-order for custom requirements.

Install a FlueCube and benefit from:

  • A quicker lighting fire
  • Heating faster and for longer
  • Improved burning efficiency
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Significantly less smoke
  • Anti-downdraft – no toxic gases or smoke odors inside the home
  • A low maintenance fire with a cleaner burner, glass, flue and cowl.


Two sizes are available.

  • 100-150mm diameter
  • 180-200mm diameter

Bow Roller Ladders


Perfect for climbing on and off your boat when nosed up to a beach or the pontoon.

Perfect for climbing on and off your boat when nosed up to a beach or the pontoon.  Designed to attach easily to your bow fairlead.  Fold it down to make a solid step.  Available in three sizes or can be custom made.

  • Size small measures 290 mm from end to end.
  • Size medium measures 355 mm from end to end.
  • Size medium measures 430 mm from end to end.


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